Monday, 4 January 2016

Star Wars - The Force Awaken

I believe I read or heard somewhere the reason why Mr Lucas sold the right for Star Wars to Disney. Can't really remember the exact words, but if I'm not mistaken, the reason goes something like this...

"I had lost my freedom to write or produce something for Star Wars. I had lost my freedom to be creative and experimentation..."

Not the exact words, but those where I what I can recall. 

After some thought, I do agree with Mr Lucas. 

The original trilogy was amazing. Some call it magical. Nobody during that time would ever imagine something like that - after Tolkien's Lords Of The Rings. Than came the prequel. The origin of Darth Vader...

Most fans consider the prequel was not as good or at least disappointed. Especially with the characters development and the new characters. The worse should be annoyed Jar Jar Bink.  

As for me, the Phantom Menace was bad. The Clone Wars was Ok. And the Revenge Of The Sith was not that bad - quit good. I personally think Anakin look cool in Revenge of The Sith. 

Going back to Mr Lucas "statement", I think I do agree with Mr Lucas. The fan had already have what they want. Mr Lucas just can't be as creative as he can be before. He need to please the fans's expectation thus sacrifice his creativeness. He can't experiment with the characters -how stupid the character might become. Thus he just sold the right. He just gave up...  Maybe he has some say in the new and upcoming Star Wars movies or series, but he does not own it. He does not have the executive power to decide. He can just advice - I think.

This is a spoiler

I watched the movie once, on 17th December 2015. The movie was OK - Yup, I myself had create my own idea how the movie should be. Thus such sikit-sikit disappointment because the movies did not went my way.

The main character were Finn - the traitor and Ray the scavenger girl. Since the character are still building up,  thus can't really tell what going to be lah... 

There are a few things I would like to share. For those that have not watch the movie, than you might be lost. 

1. How can Fin easy fight enlightenment? Splash of blood? Too easy. Hope that would be explain in the next movie.
2. Too many kebetulan... Than the character is dead? notttt... - Poe the Pilot.
3. Too easy for both of Finn and ray to escape with the Millennium Falcon. Ray can immediately fly the ship?   
4. Kylo Ren - the Emo Sith. What is the reason for him to hate his parent and turn to the dark side? I believe they would elaborate this in the next movie.
5. Kylo Ren should be very powerfull. He stopped the laser gun! That was soo cool. But he is not that powerful later...  Yup, he was injured during the duel with Finn and Ray. But he stopped the laser. Never seen that been done by Darth Vader or even Yoda.
6. Kylo Ren's voice. Very similar to the 300th's Xerxes. And he looked funny. As like he can cry at anytime.

There are a few others that nagging me, but need to be fair. The movie had just set it self up. I believe there are going to be a lot more detail in the later movie. More elaboration and explanation.

However I do think that Disney & JJ Abram had done a good job. The movie was OK and it did not look Disney. It was fun. 

I read somewhere that Episode VIII will be in 2017. They have ample time for PDCA and something... I do hope it would be better. Can't please all the fans but would not be disappointed. I wish to see Luke duel with Snoke and reveal the mystery of Anakin's father.

Until than, enjoy guesiing and may the force be with us. Wah hahahaha...