Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Influential Persons In The World

One of the main attribute for a leader is to have high influential persona. A person is not a leader if one is unable to influence others to do things. If one can only use force to make things happen, than one is not a capable leader.

The book in the picture entitle The 100. It is a collection of the most influential people in the world. The rate is from the most, down to the 100th. The book was written by Micheal H. Hart in 1978. Below are the list of top 5 most influential person:
1. Muhammad
2. Isaac Newton
3. Jesus
4. Guatama Buddha
5. St. Paul
Only 1 from this top 5 is a non religious person; Sir Isaac Newton. All others are religious leaders (except for Muhammad; a religious and political).
The list is a differentiate between most influential and greatest. This mean without the person, the world would never as it is today. The person existence need to have to greatest impact in the history of the world. Some people may be great and famous but the person may not be influential. His existent does not impact the social behavior, economic landscape and way of life. Even among the greatest most famous person such as Alexander is not even in the top 20.

This book a good read. The basic history of these people are well written and simplified for easy understanding. From this list of people also we are able to learn the person character and help to improve ourselves.

As for the list; Muhammad is consider #1 due to he is the only person on the world that is successful as a religious and secular leader. The other individual that is similar to him was Moses. But the after impact of Moses is smaller compare to Muhammad.

Sunday, 26 August 2018

Is Alexander great?

Iskandar bukan Blonde!!!

Or "Was" Alexander great???

Popular "Culture"

Most of us know who Alexander is. Some may call him as Iskandar. The Malays & Muslim mostly make mistake by taking him as Iskandar Zulkarnain or Zulkarnain in the Quran. Unfortunately Alexander is not Zulkarnain mention in the Quran. Zulkarnain in the Quran maybe Cyrus The Great. A Zoroastrian (a monotheist religion) while Alexander was a Polytheist and also claim to be son of Ra. But bare in mind, this Alexander is the Alexander mention in Sulalatus Salatin (Sejarah Malayu) that suppose to be the great, great, great grandfather of Malay Melaka Sultanate (now Perak Sultanate) through Maharaja Rajendra Chola. Or maybe the Malay aristocrat also confused & made a mistake? Hahahaha...

Other than that, Kedah Annals - Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa also depicted as the Merong Mahawangsa to be the escort champion for the unity (marriage) of 2 greatest empire in ancient time, the Rome and the Chinese. Nothing to do with Alexander, but the Malay of old try to associate with great powerhouse during the day. Also, in the Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa, The Garuda consult with Prophet Sulaiman. Hahahah...  

Is Alexander great? 

Nobody will doubt his achievement. At a very young age he had concurred near 50% of the ancient civilized old world. He never lost during battles (but experience heavy casualties during his India campaign). During his campaign, the troop @ army that he marched was like a mobile city. During his lifetime, we was a very great and effective leader. But was he a responsible leader? Or he just use his charisma and charm for his personal glory? Or he was just a war monger?

One thing for sure his empire didn't last. Near immediately after his demise, his empire broke down and were divided among his generals and "friends". He never had a successor. He did not even have plan for his empire except moaning about his utopia nation but never really made any roadmap towards it.

Alexander may be a great leader during battles. He was definitely very good at battles strategy and tactical. But he was not a great leader on totality. He lack vision for his people. His vision was only for him.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

Nasi Lemak War - The Perodua Morning Breakfast

 7 am to Perodua

Everyday, most Peroduan go through this road for work. Mostly to the manufacturing (kilang) and to office. There are many options for breakfast for Peroduan along this road. From small stalls (gerai) for "buy & go", stall with small tables and restaurant. The current restaurant is a "mamak". It has change ownership several time until now. I personally think this mamak is here to stay. 

Most of the stall available here are nasi lemak stall. As Malaysian, nasi lemak is considered a perfect breakfast. Usually the stall do not only sells nasi lemak "cedok" only, they also sell nasi putih along with the dish, kueh, nasi goreng, bihun goreng, mee goreng etc. Those are Malaysian heavy breakfast food. But in general everybody called them nasi lemak stalls.

Note: Nasi lemak cedok (dipper) is nasi lemak or nasi putih where customer can take their own dish for their nasi. The dish are either paru, meat, chicken, cuttle fish etc. 

Venture Into Red Ocean
If one wish to open the nasi lemak stall here, one need to be ready to venture in red ocean business. Along this road there are at least 6 stalls some are well establish while some just come and go (unable to be stable and make steady income out of it). I had seen many stall come and go for the past 5 to 6 years since I first transferred to HQ. However, if one truly wish to venture, one does not have to worry because the market is huge!
The Art Of War teaches us: Know your enemy as you know yourself than you will not loose a thousand battles.
Your enemy:
1. The customers:
  • Who are they?: Most are factory workers (operators, line worker etc) that required lots of energy, something that suites their taste buds and most important cheap. Office workers like me that enjoy good food and appreciate cheap price.
  • What they want?: Good food (taste good), cheap food, big in portion @ quantity (banyak), fast service & smile.
2. The competitor:
  •  What they offer? Good food (taste good)? Cheap food? Big in quantity (banyak)? Fast service? & Do they smile?
Smile is important during breakfast transaction because it is the start of day work and it can effect the day's mood. Especially if you are going the face hard day work with strict and fierce boss. 
Cute & sweet worker also plus point... Wah hahahahaha...

Usually each of the customer (including myself) have our own favorite stall for our breakfast. We consider which stall as our favorite mostly base from the criteria mentioned. I have 2 stalls that I usually go depending on my morning "selera". Having said so, whenever there is a new stall open, most customers will go and try, including myself. If the new stall is good (comply with what the customers' wanted), than there will be high possibility for the stall to stay.

Case 1:
Recently there was 1 stall just open and I believe it already close. Husband and wife operating the stall. I try that stall since it was new. I took nasi lemak basic and paru. The dialog as below:
Stall: RM5...
Pawi: RM5?
Stall: Yes... You took paru isn't it?
I paid and go but I have to admit that the food was good.

Case 2:
Last year I think, the stall was a lorry under Zakat. The operators are elderly people. Unfortunately the food was limited to nasi lemak and the tastse was awe full. Thus the lorry not here (the road) anymore.. Pity them..

Case 3:
This was actually 1 of my few favorite. A guy selling nasi lemak from his Wira back boot. No stall. Just 1 table for 3 types of nasi lemak daun pisang. Either kerang (clam - my favorite), cuttlefish and basic. But the nasi lemak portion is small (5 kali suap) price for clam and cuttlefish is a bit high; RM2.50. I liked the nasi lemak very much because the taste is very good. As for me, maybe it is OK for me to pay with that price for that portion. But for most other customers (mainly the factory operators), maybe it is not enough. Thus the stall is not here anymore.. I really hope 1 day I could see that Wira nasi lemak again.. 

From these 3 basic samples (actually there are more), all of them did not understand or implement what Sun Tze said.This does not mean they need to learn the Art of War by heart (some people I knew learn the Art Of War but did not implemented them), but they did not even bother to understand the market, their customer and even their competitors.

I have my own favorite stall to to go. At the stall, I always took nasi lemak basic with paru. The cost is only RM2.50 to RM3.00 (depending on portion if side dish I took). The makciks (2 of them) smile, say TQ and are very fast. Off course the food are good also. If I took nasi lemak basic with side dish such as paru @ meat @ cuttlefish and with sardine, it only cost me from RM4.50 to RM5.00. Very cheap. The rice also a lot. This is my standard. Whenever I try new stall, I will automatically compare with my favorite stall.

For case 1, it broke all the basic rules. It also disrespect the customer by ridicule the customer with questioning back what customer took. They did not even say thank you.
Case 2 I think is more into product matter. The price is OK but the quality is bad. Unable to compete in the red ocean. Kesian...
Case 3 I think is he is a middle person that jack up the price.

Nasi Lemak War
As mention, nasi lemak is very Malaysian. Most Malay would take nasi lemak not only in the morning, but anytime of the 24 hours. As for "the road" to Perodua nasi lemak war, it is an ongoing battles. Each day those makciks, kakaks, abangs and adiks would do their best to win the nasi lemak battles. Actually there shouldn't be any losers in the road nasi lemak war. The market is huge. Enough for every body. The stalls need not to break the basic rule of providing food customers.
Also, since venturing into nasi lemak war is very red ocean, than Sun Tze advice is very true and dire.