Monday, 9 July 2018

LBGT 2018

Lately, the LGBT movement is on the rise. For what ever reason they are getting more vocal and more open on their demands and request. From my observation, not all that champion the LBGT movement are lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. In fact I'm confident to say that most of them are  not. These are the people that sympathies with the LBGT group.

The Sympathies
As to now, I can't confirm their basis for the sympathies. As per now (9 July 2018), I am still engaging with them via twitter to understand their basis and point of view. However as per my current understanding there are a few reasons (I think) that contribute to the sympathy.
  • They think they are civilize and "progress" people like the West.
  • They think they are the enforcer of justice* for the suppress people of LBGT community.
  • They join the band wagon of the civilize people that worship the human right translation of the West.
  • They are atheist (or from the religion that are OK with LBGT).
  • They are agnostic.
  • They genuinely feel the love.
*Maybe they think they are like the X Men championing the right of the Mutant.

I had written about the subject before in 2011. The Seksualiti Merdeka 2011 series:
Curse of The New Government
PRU 14 was really exciting and full of dramas. PH (Pakatan Harapan) won defeating BN (Barisan Nasional). The people of Malaysia regardless race, sex and religion unite to change the previous into the new one. Thus PH is like a new born that been cursed with dream and hope of the multi reason hopes and dreams. This include the LBGT movement group. The group selfishly (or stupidly; depend on how you see it) thought they are the majority and the the win of PH signal the Malaysian readiness to accept their LBGT movement group. They forgot for many years PH (the reincarnate on many Pakatans or Barisan before) had fail to topple the BN. They forgot one of the main reason for the PH win is due to the Malay swing. It is very obvious to pin point the signs.

The Malay (some say) may be stupid, lazy and lethargy.. But when it come to religion, in Malaysia, being Muslim is already 50% Malay. And when it come to religion, most Muslim will blindly do what it must to defend its identity and "honour".

PH currently is under a lot of pressure. Both from their supporters and from the oppositions. Their supporters being selfish with a lot request and demand while the opposition  being very opportunist with eagle for being very cynical and critical (of fault findings).

Insyallah, I will share my thought about PRU 14 in the coming times..

I don't support LBGT. For me, LBGT is a disease similar to pedophile. Muslim and Christian need to work together to cure this disease. However the cure need to be gentle without aggression. Love moves compare to hate.