Friday, 10 May 2019

PRU 14 2018 - Ulang Siar

It has been 1 year since BN was toppled from the helm of power. 9th May 2018 was the day. The process and dramas were very exciting. Coming from Alor Setar, I choose to vote in Alor Setar. Other reason was that I don't have a permanent address in Selangor yet. When the news of falling BN state viral, it was a surreal experienced. Difficult for me explained. The internet were the markets, the new house. Official channel like Media Prima did not news the actual update. They recycled promising news about BN's candidates winning. But everybody knew that BN was falling. SPR did not announced and I was told the delay of announcement were due to numerous recount made to ensure BN's candidate win. There were also talked that BN was trying to buy candidates. But nothing can change fate. I stayed until 4 am for the announcement. Unfortunately no official announcement was made. Only DrM made declaration that BN had fallen. Malaysian changed their government. This is the new Malaysia.

The opposition tried to take over government since the start of democracy in Malaysia. During 20 years DrM tenure as the 4th PM, the majority that BN won was big. Even during the Reformasi era, BN still composed of big majority. Main reason for this was the Chinese and Indian mostly supported DrM. During Reformasi, the Malay vote were clearly divided and majority went for the opposition; Barisan Alternatif, headed by DSAI. Having said so, most Malay still loved DrM thus as mention BN won big majority during Reformasi. Should 50% Chinese did not support BN, most probably Malaysia had changed government during Reformasi period. Reason for the Chinese to support DrM was because he saved Malaysia's economy during the recession; attack by George Soros The Jew. The Chinese are less emotional people which their decision are mostly base on "what is it for me".  Thus, for Chinese the most important is the economy. Justice, especially for other do not concern them.. At least this what I see. While the Malay are much more emotional and tend to become empathy even for those that they do not understand. Most Malays sees the surface and felt pitiful and they are also easily believe in appearance, especially conman disguises with religious clothing. BN lost Terengganu and nearly lost Kedah (both state are Malay majority).

2004 & The Slow Death of BN
In 2004, BN won very big under the leadership of Pak Lah (Tun Abdullah). Why is this so? Biggest reason was due to the return of Malay vote. Truth be told, the Malay love UMNO. But UMNO had changed Warlords, little Napoleon crept into the system. For the 1st time ever, I really disappointed with the governance of BN. In Alor Setar in particular the governance of the state was at mess. Not sure what happen (but I have theories based from sembang²), but nothing works. There was no money to pay the worker and perform job. Trash were not collected. The facilities were not repaired. The gardens and landscape left unattended and worse Alor Setar became bandar sampah (if I'm not mistaken, it was in the new paper). It was the lowest point as per I can recall for Alor Setar. 
At Putrajaya, there were talked about budak tingkat 4 headed buy the charismatic KJ (Khairi Jamaluddin, Pak Lah in law). Pak Lah said to follow all KJ's plan which make many people unhappy. Those were the years where corruption crept into UMNO healthily.
Than in 2008 PRU, BN got the 1st major lesson of their life. BN lost Kedah, Selangor & Penang. Kedah MP was the late Ustaz Azizan. For me he was a good leader. Even though he was from PAS, he was not like typical PAS leader. Even UMNO people also like him.. Unfortunately he was told to be attacked from his own party. Alor Setar was clean again. Everything was beautiful again. I glad that PAS won that time.
Because of the heavy hit in 2008, DrM exited UMNO to give pressure for Pak Lah to step down. DrM also lobbied for DSN to become the PM (which as we all know now, according to him, was his biggest mistake, bigger than appointing Pak Lah as his successor).   
Due to pressure, Pak Lah resigned than DSN became the PM of our beloved Malaysia. Initially, I loved him. I took photos with him etc. DSN had the look, charisma and charm to be the PM of Malaysia. I was mistaken...

Corruption Was King
I loved DSN. His initiatives and program really seems good to me such as UTC, PR1MA, Klinik 1Malaysia. BR1M even though seems good but it did not solve the problem. It was just 'fighting fire' initiative. But I still respect the initiative to help the poor and need. At the same time I also questioned zakat etc. What happen to all the zakat money? Well, I was heavily influenced by DrMaza criticizing the religious bodies.
In time many things been revealed. Stupid investment were made that made amateur like me questioned.  Than there the case of NFC. Many losses of money were declared but later been silenced.  Base from my readings, there were many mention of people's money being used by the government people for personal uses. The VVVVIP and their wives and children living luxurious etc. PERMATA for example was a good initiatives but the fund that used for it's core objective were minor whilst most of the fund went for entertainment, holidays and others support kawan². I was informed the account also were not audited. 
Then the bomb came in. The 1MDB bomb. It was was my turning point. Before 1MDB, I still have faith in DSN, but 1MDB is the final straw. 1MDB is real. Than 1 by 1 big cases exploded such as Tabung Haji & FGV. Even the so call religious people are having fun using people money. Holiday in US, golf simulator etc. I had enough. Than DrM become ronin. He leaves UMNO after failed to pressure DSN to resign. Later DrM created BERSATU, make peace with DSAI and join forces with the then opposition parties.

PRU14 2018
I went back (carpool) with 2 of my siblings to vote. This time all our family member gathered home. It was like old time. Our original family. Our wives voted at their time. They took the children with them.
The family
In our family, there are 2 camps, BN & PH. We had healthy debate a day before PRU. Our voting station was very near to our house. Woke up early and everybody were exciting (as in photo). I did not have any hope that PH would won. I just cast my vote as a responsible Malaysian would do and just let fate rolled in. That were my though at that time.
The process was fast and easy. It was fun. My channel (young people) were many people but was fast. My dad had an issue with one the officer but I can't remember what was it. Well, my dad was not in an OK mode that day. So, it was OK. However, later in the afternoon, drama start to happen, not here, but else where...
Else where, even from my wife voting place, Segamat I heard that the voting process were not fluent. It was slow. Same goes to sister in law's in Serdang. The process were very slow. Talked that it were on purpose to help BN won. They tried to tired the voters from voting. Some waited for hours. Worse case was during the afternoon. People lined up for hours than turn done from voting due to voting hour finished. The people was furious. It was not hearsay, it was in the news, in the radio. Plead were made by the then opposition to extend the voting hours. But the very arrogant SPR rejected it. Even those that were in the compound were asked to leave.The people were furious but stayed calm. Nothing bad happen. Even in the radio (I listened to BFM), it was as all hope has lost. It seemed that BN will win.

The arrogance person he was..

Malaysian waited patiently and they can sense (include me) that something had happened. Something felt different. It was like Thanos had snapped his fingers. Hahahaa... The signs was obvious but seems impossible. The official channel kept on recycling the old news of BN candidate winning. Other result were not announce. But the internet were hectic. It was news madness. 1 by 1 BN governed state had fallen. I was in disbelieve when it was mentions that Negeri Sembilan had fallen to PH. But when news that Johor fell to PH, I knew Thanos really snapped his finger. Than the infamous Kam Raslan outrage to SPR. A disgrace for SPR.

Finally around 4am DrM make the declaration..

Return of The King

That was 1 year ago.. But how about now? Has things change? Anything improved?

1 Year PH 
During the 1st few weeks of the new government were the most exciting time for Malaysia. The waiting for new cabinet, the action towards DSN etc. It was fast at that time. The time when DrM was the front man, it was all OK and synchronize. Than after the ministers came in, things start to become weird. Minister talking weird things, and the internal competition inside PH. It seems that PH is very fragile.
Than the things that Malay afraid most start to take centre stage. I knew it were not entirely true, but some of it were true. Help by the racist and fascist campaign propaganda championed by UMNO & PAS, things become bad. The liberal become more vocals thus making the Malay Muslim become more doubt about PH especially DAP.
Than Abid's case happened. I personally think that it (the temple original riot) was a staged incident. Impossible for any sane Malay to march to a temple like that. It was a paid that uses religion and race as its main weapon. The incident itself were (I was made to understood) have nothing to do with Malay. It was between Indian Temple management (had 2 camp which said that 1 of the camp swindle the money) and the developer. The Malay was involve accidentally with the death of Adib. It was tragic which I will not elaborate. The part that played the race card had gain their objective, with a life of an innocent Bomba officer. Internet was at war. It was so bad that is seems like racial unrest would happen. Luckily Malaysian are peace lovers. It was the worse test for PH.
PH performance from my point of view is moderate. For years the people being pampered with many untruth comfort. Now PH wanted to make things right. DrM is not the DrM when he was the 4th PM. He was a pure Machiavelli, pure Sith lord that gave no nonsense. Now he is mellow. he also can't 100% control his team. Many were wild and some are also not that ..... But after a few PRK lost, I can see that PH minister and team start to reflect. 
It was proven that Malaysian only wanted peace and economic stability. Malaysian also wanted justice; referring to 1MDB and other corruption cases. Not many really looked onto the manifesto. Race and religion works but most important is peace, harmony, stability and good economy. Malaysia knew that the country have no money but the government need to assure Malaysian that things are going to be OK. Share your 3 years road map to remedy the economy. Promote unity activity. 
In summary I'm not really satisfied with the 1 year performance. I do not feel cheated, but feel that PH can do better if they focus and unite.

The main reason why PH won was the Malay swing. Thus Malay do care about integrity and transparency. But what matters now is the future. Economy, stability and peace is what make the religious zealot and fascist isolated or minimal support. There are another 3 years at least for PH to improve the country and their performance. I am always apolitical and usually made choice at the final minute. My final decision can change or may be different from what I say or write. I think many others also similar like me.

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Flat Earth

It was a sudden phenomena that suddenly the flat earth topic become hot issue in Malaysia. I don't really follow what is trending in Malaysia. I don't even know what the latest viral video. But I have to admit I missed much of the fun. Maybe I'm too busy with other things in life. However, I am very political conscious even though I'm more into observer, restraining myself from commenting.

I think the flat earth became a topic because of 1 moron; a shameless religious whore wrote something about the matter. His name is Suhaimi Saad. As per my limited knowledge he is a singer (nasyid) and husband of Ina Naim (ex girlfriend) of Mawi World. Many things he did does not reflect Islam. He did not vaccine his children and does not send his children to school. Pity his child..

PS: I think Mawi took the correct decision by not marrying Ina Naim..   

Not sure what Suhaimi said. But it has caused our astronaut to respond.

Can you differentiate ulama' and religious whore?
Actually, he is not the 1st religious whore that claim earth to be flat. There are many others. Some claims are from middle eastern religious whore. Telling lies in mosque and religious gatherings. In Malaysia, Ustaz Auni, mention that he "berlapang dada" in the flat earth subject. Meaning he accept both flat and round (oblong). I personally despise Auni. For me, he is a liar. He lies in mosques. Thus he is a religious whore in my dictionary. I just can't tolerate people telling lies in the name of God. They took God's name in vain (1 of the 10 commandment.. Hah hahahah). 

Stupid and arrogance Muslim are not the only group that believe in flat earth theory. The Christian are worse. Their argument about flat earth is that Nasa tell lies. Nasa wanted the world to believe that earth is oblong. Thus there are things in common between the Muslim and the Christians. Finally the zealot in both religion can have 1 common believe. Finally there are peace on earth.

However, actually the zealot Christians have more reason to deny oblong earth. This is because it was the Muslims that champion the oblong or round earth idea in the first place. But the zealot Muslim have extra main reason to accept the flat earth theory. It is said that its the work of the Jew that lie about true earth form. For certain reason, the Jew wanted us to believe that earth is oblong or round and not flat.

Note: What I'm about to write after this is partial lie with many edits. But the main message is there.
I myself had encounter a dialog with an anonymous flat earth believer in the net. It was in Malay. Be warned, it was along dialoged. This was the 2017:

Pawi: Hang baca website link yang aku bagi tu. Kemudian sebelum hang buat keputusan or make any statement hang pi cari buku Dr Danial tu; Quran Saintifik. Actually, Modern Flat Eart Society ni group Christian. Dari Christian yang cuba tegakkan benang basah untuk buktikan kebenaran Bible. Refer attachment bawah..

Flat Earth: Ok, aku just share point depa pula, ko refer kink bawah ni....
Flat Eath: Kita percaya matahari beredar mengelilingi bima sakti drpd matahari beredar mengelilingi bumi utk jadikan siang dan malam... Kita percaya yg jadikan siang dan malam adalah putaran bumi, bukannya peredaran matahari. Itu yg kita belajar.. Ko tengok ayat Quran bawah.

Pawi: Ayat 1st tu nak bagi tau kebesaran dan fenomena; Senario pertama; 
1. Allah jadikan matahari 
2. Allah jadikan bulan. 
Yang sentiasa beredar untuk kepentingan. Senario kedua; Menjadikan siang dan malam (putaran bumi). Hang kena faham betul2 ayat tu. 
Subject 1; Matahari bulan untuk kepentingan dan kemudahan 
Subject 2; putaran bumi untuk faedah. 
Mai aku edit sikit bagi jelas:

Hang kena faham. Subject dalam ayat² Quran ni ada 3; 
1. Siang malam (putaran bumi). 
2. Matahari yang terapung. 
3. Bulan yang terapung.

FYI dalam tafsir simbol *( dan simbul *) tak wujud. Itu hanya tambahan tukang tafsir. Simbul *; menghampiri maksud () dalam penggunaan harian.
Flat Earth: Yg putaran bumi tafsir dari mana? 
Pawi: Putaran bumi = siang dan malam.
Flat Earth: Dah try pakai torchlight?  
Pawi: Fokus pada ayat. Ayat 33 tu merujuk kepada 2 Subject. 
1. Matahari dan bulan untuk kepentingan dan kemudahan. 
2. Siang dan malam untuk faedah.
Flat Earth: Ya paham yang mana tafsir bumi berputar. Kalau tak berputar pun boleh jadi siang malam. Aku nak dapatkan fakta je ni..bukan nak mengiyakan sangat flat earth. Ko refer bawah: 

Pawi: Hahahaha... tak sangka hang bagi gambar ni kat aku. Aku bukan hafiz. So aku tak ingat. Kalau hang bagi ayat aku boleh "tafsir" untuk hang. Hang dah baca ke belum link tu?
Flat Earth: Ok la..kita sembang pasal fizik pulak. Bumi berputar 1ribu lebih km/j. Bumi berputar/berpusing memang takde kalau search dalam Al Quran tafsir.

Aku bukan hafiz. So aku tak ingat. Kalau hang bagi ayat aku boleh "tafsir" untuk hang. Dasyat jugak boh, pandai tafsir... Ayat siang dan malam boleh tafsir jadi bumi berputar.. Cakap pasal fakta.. Lampu jalan yang tinggi sama, kalau dah jauhnya 1km kita tak nampak dah lampu tu..
Pawi: Tolong faham maksud " " . Apa yang hang cuba ketengahkan ni adalah teori helios. Tau siapa helios?
Flat Earth: Ketepikan dulu sapa pencipta teori..yakinkan dgn fizik. Dah tengok video tu? Yang Indon.
Pawi: Masya Allah .... Hang nie.
Flat Earth: Yakinkan dulu dgn fizik.. Hehe, saja buat penat fikir. Yang pasal dia zoom benda dari jauh masih boleh nampak.. Kalau bumi melengkung patut taknampak dah. Kenapa?
Pawi: Pertama sekali, utube video tu sapa buat? Non Muslim kan .. Jadi hang percaya Non MUSLIM punya teori. Tapi teori bumi bulat dan matahari, berputar dan Etc hang tak percaya... Teori ni pula Muslim yang cetus...
Flat Earth: Teori....
Pawi: Yang pasal dia zoom benda dari jauh masih boleh nampak.. Kalau bumi melengkung patut taknampak dah...Pasai pa jd lagu tu. Ok, hang pernah dengar nama Elbert Einstien. Hang pernah dengan Albert Einstein? Pencetus teori E=MC².

Flat Earth: Faham, jawab solan fizik td dulu.
Pawi: Bumi ada jisim. Cahaya tu adalah sejenis makhluk (ada jisim). Dia akan curve. Dah jawab.
Flat Earth: Tapi kalau zoom masih nampk. Tak curve.
Pawi: Cahaya bila lalu sebelah jisim besar akan curve. Tolong serach dalam internet. Tengok imej aku conteng bawah:

Flat Earth: Hmmm...  Good (simbol tangan Good)

Pawi: Fenomena ni dah di terangkan. Bukan sahaja untuk masalah ni. Kalau tak silap aku, teori ni dapat dibuktikan masa memerhati gerhana matahari. Bila kedudukan bintang berubah.

Flat Earth: Kenapa kapal terbang laju 600kmj bergerak melawan arus putaran bumi tak jadi 2+++kmj?
Pawi: Sama konsep hang naik kereta api. Or bas. Or anything.  

Flat Earth: Bas, kita berada dgn momentum bas.

Pawi: Kereta api bergerak ke utara dengan kelajuan 80km/h. Hang jalan ke selatan xkm/h. Hang still sampai ke belakang train.

Flat Earth: Kalau kita lompat atas bas yg bergerak dari atas jambatan mau tergolek.. Kapal terbang sepatutnya takdak momentum apa2.. Macam kita naik treadmill, tak ke tergolek kalau masa tengah laju. 

Pawi: Susah aku nak explain dalam bentuk ayat. Hang boleh refer utube.

Flat Earth: Yang pasal train faham.. Kaki kita pijak tren dgn kelajuan tren tu...faham. Logik tak kalau helikopter bergerak keatas dan tak statik di udara..dgn kelajuan bumi yg 1+++kmj tak ke mcm tercampak ke tempat lain...

Pawi: Dari cara yang tulis, hang macam percaya teori Flat Earth. Pertama sekali Flat Earth dah terbukti salah.  

Flat Earth: Laa... jap dulu. Sembang fizik. Sejarah nanti.

Pawi: Kalau flat earth dah debunk, segala teori berkaitan Flat Earth pun debunk. Aku bukan ulamak fizik. So, penerangan aku terhad. Cara hang fikir macam orang (sorry to say) macam orang primitif.
Flat Earth: Adoi.. Fikir fizik kejap pasai helikopter tadi.

Pawi: Again, kalau flat earth teori dah debunk, segala argument support dah tertolak.

Flat Earth: Apa² pun, aku masih tak lari dgn matahari dan bulan berputar.. 

Pawi: Matahari dan bulan berputar memang tak salah. Kutub selatan tu bukan hujung dunia. Tak pernah orang jumpa hujung dunia. Bumi ni bulat.
Flat Earth: Sejarah...
Pawi: Ya Allah. Itu fakta. Ekspedisi kutub utara selatan dan lama tamat. Kalau sejarah tak dijadikan fakta atau dokumen, maka tak ada rukun atau peraturan hidup. Malah Quran itu merupakan catatan sejarah. menidakkan sejarah seperti menidakkan kaedah ajaran Quran.
Flat Earth: Bukan pertikai sejarah dalam Quran. Jangan lari konteks. 

Pawi: Aku tak lari konteks. Berkaitan dengan helikopter hang tu, aku dah explain secara kasar.. Bila hang lompat dalam bas atau lepaskan objek dalam bas, object tu masih jatuh di tempat sama. Explanation detail aku tak reti nak bagi. Hang tolong cari sendiri. Sama juga kalau hang naik kapal terbang. Cuba jatuhkan object. Objek tak terpelanting ke belangkang.

Flat Earth: Laju bumi berputar. Jatuhkan luar kapal terbang.

Pawi: Dengan kelajuan plan, object terbit akan terus terpelanting ke belakang kapal terbang. Tapi object tak terpelanting ke belakang. Masih jatuh atas lantai kapal terbang. Bila hang naik kapal terbang, hang test.
Flat Earth: Faham bab tu.. ok mcm ni..andai kan manusia boleh lompat setinggi 20meter... mulany dia kat atas bumbung train...dia lompat, dia akan jatuh kat tempat sama ke?
Pawi: Ya. Aku dah explain. Ini dinamakan graviti... Benda asas lah... 
Flat Earth: 20meter tinggi, tren 80kmj. Oooo....

Pawi: Hang tak rasa bangga ka bila Muslim yang meneroka bahawa Bumi ni bulat? Siap ukuran dan diameter lagi?

Flat Earth: Ok. ok...

Than our conversation ends.. Looking at the dialog, I think I could respond better. I have to admit that I did not answer all his question. This is simply because I just don't know the physic of it in detail. His argument were all medieval kind. Purely parallax. Simple mind argument. Simple basic logic. Physic maybe the law of logic. But logic in physic does not mean what it seems.

With the reemergence of flat earth believer, I wonder what happen to our education system. We taught our children to hafal @ memorize rather than understand. That is why, we fail. The children are not educated but they are force to memorize.

Anyway looking at the many comment in the internet, it is safe to say flat earth believer is very small. Many make fun of them. Many joke about them. But for me they are dangerous because they carry the word of God as their main proof while in fact they do not understand it.  

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Dewa 19 Reunion 2019

Me and the brothers of chaos.. hahahaha..

Tanggal pada 2 Februari yang lalu, Dewa or Dewa 19 telah mengadakan konsert kumpul semula (reunion?) di Stadium Melawati Shah Alam. Oleh sebab ia merupakan konsert reunion, maka ia mengumpulkan hampir kesemua mereka² yang pernah menganggotai kumpulan Dewa. 

Terus terang cakap, walaupun aku boleh dikatakan amat suka lagu² kumpulan Dewa, tapi aku tak tahu langsung sejarah kumpulan lagenda ini. Boleh dikatakan mulanya aku tak tahu Ari Lasso (Ari) merupakan bekas penyanyi Dewa. Pada aku penyanyi Dewa adalah Once Mekel (Once). Dan pada aku suara Once merupakan suara Dewa.

Seingat aku, aku mula mendengar lagu² Dewa sekitar tahun 2000 dahulu di radio THR slot kendalian arwah Din Beramboi pada jam 12.00 tengah malam hingga 2.00 pagi. Din Beramboi banyak memainkan lagu² dari Indonesia. Tapi ketika itu band² Indonesia masih belum banyak dikenali oleh orang² Malaysia. Ketika ini juga belum berlaku lagi kemasukan band² dan pemuzik² Indonesia secara besar-besaran. Ini zaman sebelum Ada Apa Dengan Cinta. Ketika itu pemuzik² moden Indonesia yang muzik mereka selalu diputarkan (seingat aku adalah) adalah seperti Sheila On 7 (SO7), Padi, Dewa dan Melly Goeslow. Ketika itu pemuzik Indonesia memang hebat. Sesuatu yang pemuzik Malaysia tak mampu hasilkan. Ketika itu adalah zaman Siti Nurhaliza.

Dalam banyak² lagu pemuzik Indonesia, muzik Dewa agak luar biasa. Lagu pertama Dewa yang buat aku menjadi Baladewa adalah Roman Picisan. Suara Once, susunan muzik sememangnya luar biasa. Sesuatu yang aku tak pernah dengar sebelum ini. Malah bila aku pertama kali menonton muzik video Roman Picisan juga membuat aku bertambah kagum. Imaginasi dalam musik video tersebut amat memberi kesan. Wajah Once pada aku agak sama dengan wajah penyanyi J-Rock iaitu Kamui Gakuto @ Gackt. Malah seluruh ahli kumpulan nampak unik. Memang sesuai dengan konsep lagu dan nama kumpulan.

Terlalu banyak kesan lagu² Dewa pada aku. Terlalu banyak sejarah dan memori yang boleh dikaitkan. Yang sesetangahnya tak boleh disebut semula. Secara ringkas, sejak tahun 2000 hingga ke 2010, musik Dewa menjadi sebahagian musik latar (soundtrack) hidup aku. Namun begitu aku tetap tak mengenali latar belakang setiap ahli kumpulan dan sejarah Dewa. Yang aku tahu, musik Dewa amat sedap dan sesuai dengan aku.

Konsert Dahulu

Sebagai Baladewa, semestinya mesti menghadirkan diri ke konsert Dewa. Konsert Dewa pertama yang aku hadir adalah di Menara KL pada 26 Mei 2005. Ianya tahun pertama aku bekerja. Tiada kenangan photo ketika konsert itu. Hanya memori. Memang best. Memang gempak. Itulah ketikanya aku saksikan betapa gilanya peminat muzik bangsa Indonesia. Namun mereka sporting. Barangkali berbangga kerana Indonesia mampu menghasilkan pemuzik luar biasa. Mereka (aku masih ingat) ajak aku "layan musik" bersama tanpa segan. Seolah tiada sempadan antara Malaysia dan Indonesia. Best!

Konsert kedua Dewa aku pula bila aku sudah berkerjaya. 22 Desember 2007. Kali ini aku lebih bersedia. Seingat aku ini adalah tour promosi album Laskar Cinta dan Republik Cinta. Pada aku inilah antara konsert paling gempak. Seleksi lagu sempurna. Semua lagu best. Kegilaan penonton Indonesia kali ini pun makin menggila. Tapi inilah yang membuat ianya bertambah menarik. Apa yang bertambah unik (yang barangkali kontroversi) adalah konsep album Laskar Cinta. Album ini mempunyai dwi tafsiran terhadap beberapa lagunya. Album ini mempunyai lagu² keras tapi juga mempunyai lagu² yang menyentuh emosi. Lirik lagu pula amat puitis dan ada yang mentafsir sebagai lagu ketuhanan tafsiran para sufi. Lihat sahaja klip video lagu Satu. 

Malah ketika konsert, terdapat sekumpulan hadirin menari tarian sufi darwis. Hahaha... Gila! Inilah erti kata kepuasan. Sangat best. Sangat gempak. Sangat fun! Boleh aku katakan, konsert ini kelas internasional pada aku.

Konsert Dewa Reunion

Konsert Dewa Reunion tempoh hari sewajarnya meninggalkan memori menarik namun ianya tidak begitu. Seperti yang disebut sebelum ini, aku tidak mengenali Dewa melalui suara Ari. Malah aku tidak suka suara Ari. Dan aku bukan satu-satunya begini. sebenarnya ramai Baladewa Malaysia begini; mengenali Dewa melalui suara Once. Persetan tuduhan sebagai bukan Baladewa sejati. Aku dan ramai lagi jujur dalam meminati muzik Dewa. Dewa di Malaysia bersuara Once dan bermula dari album Bintang Lima.

Konsert dihadiri oleh permaisuri negeri Selangor, menteri besar Selangor dan juga menteri besar Perak.

Konsert bermula jam 8.45 malam. Dimulai dengan persembahan dari kumpulan Andra & The Back Bone. Persembahan kumpulan ini berlangsung lebih dari 30 minit. Tak dinafikan ada lagu² yang OK, dan ada juga hadirin yang menyanyi bersama. Tapi majoriti besar hadirin tak peduli akan Andra & Back Bone. Ramai yang duduk santai sahaja.

Setelah lebih dari 30 minit barulah Dewa mula bermain. Bermula dengan Ari Lasso. Aku ingatkan sekejap (30 minit) Ari menyanyi, rupanya 1 jam. Barangkali mereka cuba berlaku adil, tapi perlu peka dengan permintaan penonton. Di Malaysia, majoriti peminat kenal Once sebagai suara Dewa. Mereka tak peduli Ari Lasso. Sejujurnya aku cuba suka lagu² Dewa era Ari, namun gagal. Pada aku selain suara Ari yang annoying, muzik Dewa pada era Ari juga membosankan. Musiknya melerek dan whining. Maaf. Pada aku Dewa zaman Ari Lasso hanyalah sebahagian daripada band² yang ada. Bukan Dewa. Bukan menidakkan keupayaan Ari Lasso menyanyi, tapi pada aku Dewa bersuara Once. Sorry. Apa pun perlu diberi kredit bahawa Ari Lasso sememangnya showman yang bagus.

Jam pukul 10.30. Persembahan Dewa bersama Once bermula dengan lagu Pangeran Cinta. Konsert terus meletup! Semua orang menyanyi. Menjerit. Enjoy! Vibe berubah 100%. Havoc! Inilah saat yang ditunggu. Cuma sayang sekali tiada Ahmad Dhani. Ada tribute pada Ahmad Dhani di awal konsert dengan lagu Hadapi Dengan Senyuman nyanyian Ari Lasso. Persembahan Once berlangsung begitu pantas. Kejap sahaja dah sampai jam 11.30. Konsert sepatutnya tamat jam 11.30. Hiburan diteruskan. Jam 10.45 tiba² Ari Lasso muncul semula dengan lagu Kangen... Aduh... Bosan gilaaa... Whinning and annoying all over again. Sorry. Tiba konsert berubah semula vibe dia. 

Aku faham ini konsert reunion, maka persembahan Dewa terpaksa dibahagi kepada 2 era Dewa; Ari Lasso dan Once Mekel. Namun perlu berlaku adil pada peminat Malaysia. Format ini barangkali sesuai di Indonesia tetapi tidak di Malaysia yang majoritinya kenal Dewa dengan suara Once. Paling tidak sekali pun, mainlah muzik majoriti bermula dari zaman Bintang Lima. Lagu² Dewa sebelum Bintang Lima agak asing pada Baladewa Malaysia. Tidak timbul soal Baladewa sejati menyokong semua muzik dan suara Dewa. Yang realitinya Baladewa membayar ratusan ringgit untuk berhibur. Mereka espek sesuatu dan Dewa sepatutnya sebaiknya merelisasikannya mengikut kehendak pelanggan @ Baladewa Malaysia mereka.

Terlalu banyak lagu tak dimainkan. Banyak peminat @ Baladewa Malaysia yang kecewa. Ari Lasso boleh sahaja berduet dengan Once untuk lagu² dari album² Once bersama Dewa. Tak perlu mainkan lagu zaman sebelum Bintang Lima sangat pun. Baladewa Malaysia tak tahu. Konsert ini hanya 40% main lagu zaman Once. Keseluruhan hanya 30% (dicampur lagu Andra). Berbanding dengan konsert Menara KL dan Stadium Negara yang aku pernah join dulu, konsert ini amat bosan. Apa pun, moga Dewa kembali semula selepas ini bersama Ahmad Dhani dan kali ini hanya mainkan lagu bermula dari Bintang Lima sahaja.


Friday, 9 November 2018

Wellfare State @ Negara Kebajikan

Negara berkebajikan atau dalam bahasa Inggerisnya "Welfare state" merupakan satu utopia ulung yang selalu dinaung dan diselogankan oleh pelbagai parti terutamanya parti yang berorientasikan politik. Persoalannya, apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan negara berkebajikan?

Kenangan manis kau dan aku takkan terkubur...

Secara peribadi yang juga berdasarkan pemerhatian, terdapat pelbagai tafsiran maksud negara berkebajikan. Pertama sekali istilah negara berkebajikan dipopularkan adalah ketika PAS mesra bersama DAP dan PKR suatu ketika dahulu yang mana PAS meletakkan negara berkebajikan sebagai slogan utama.

My understanding the Islamic Economic system is; Moderate capitalist for social welfare ...
Or in Malay; Kapitalis sederhana untuk kebajikan masyarakat... 

Adakah kebajikan masyarakat merujuk kepada situasi negara berkebajikan? Ya. Itu yang maksudkan. Keadilan sosial yang adil dan saksama adalah berdasarkan "siapa yang usaha dia yang (insyallah) akan medapatkan hasilnya". Ini sesuai dengan wahyu Allah; "Kami tidak akan mengubah nasib sesuatu kaum sekiranya mereka tidak mengubah nasib mereka sendiri".

Dalam sejarah, pelbagai tamadun mengangkat diri sebagai negara yang menegakkan kebajikan sosial. Baik dari Hamurabbi di tamadun Babil kuno hingga ke kisah² raja² di dalam kitab Mahabrata.

"Di dunia ini tiada apa yang pasti kecuali kematian dan cukai" Benjamin Franklin

Namun apa yang menarik dalam sejarah Islam, kaedah negara berkebajikan itu diterap sebagai satu sistem yang menjadi sebahagian daripada nadi ekonomi negara. Aku merujuk kepada sistem zakat. Zakat mengikut kefahaman aku adalah satu cukai yang dijadikan doktrin agama (sebahagian dari rukun Islam). Semua wajib membayar zakat kecuali mereka yang digolongkan sebagai tidak mampu. Duit zakat itu pula dilaburkan dalam infrastuktur dan membantu orang yang layak.

Pencen merupakan satu teknik perlaksanaan kebajikan. Dalam sejarah, sistem pencen mula dikesan di dalam sistem ekonomi ketenteraan. Para bekas perajurit dijanjikan dengan pencen yang menarik setelah tamat perkhidmatan.

Namun perlaksanan negara berkebajikan juga harus bertanggung jawab. Bantuan kewangan daripada pihak pemerintah sekiranya tidak diagihkan dengan adil akan menghasilkan masalah sosio ekonomi yang parah. Ia akan menghasilkan rakyat yang malas dan tidak produktif. Rakyat yang hanya menagih agihan kewangan dari keringat orang lain (yang lebih rajin berusaha). Isyarat negara berkebajikan barangkali disalah tafsir oleh mereka yang semamangnya pemalas yang hanya pandai memberi alasan, lepak kedai mamak, berlepak dimedan sosial dan pandai memberi alasan. Golongan  yang diganja dengan imbuhan atas tiket kebajikan akan ada sejuta alasan untuk kekal menjadi malas dan tidak produktif daripada menambah ilmu untuk meningkatkan keupayaan diri dan ekonomi diri.

Menagih Kebajikan

Adakah ini yang dianjurkan oleh Islam? Islam tidak pernah menyuruh umatnya menjadi miskin. Paling tidak 2 insan daripada 10 sahabat yang dijamin masuk syurga adalah hartawan. 2 daripada 4 imam besar mazhab sunnah waljamaah adalah berharta. Malah 2 daripada rukun Islam memerlukan harta yang secukupnya untuk dilaksanakan iaitu 1) membayar zakat dan 2) menunaikan haji di Mekah. Malah kebajikan yang paling ulung dalam Islam adalah bersedekah (juga memerlukan harta). Janganlah kita menyalah tafsir dengan kisah sedekah sekadar buah kurma. Ia membawa maksud tersirat berbanding tersurat.

Islam mengatakan bahawa "tangan diatas lebih baik dari tangan dibawah" dan Islam mengajar untuk "tidak meminta-minta". Islam mengajar untuk berusaha daripada menjadi pengemis. Jadi tidak malukah kita yang beragama Islam dengan bangga menjadi mereka yang tangan dibawah?

Agihan kebajikan negara perlu lebih bersasar. Golongan miskin yang sempurna tubuh badan dan akal fikiran pada hemat aku tidak layak menerima bantuan kebajikan seperti golongan kurang upaya dan orang tua. Golongan seperti ini seharusnya diberikan "disiplin" dalam hidup berbanding bantuan kewangan untuk mengelak mereka daripada terus malas, tidak mengurus keluarga dan hidup dengan baik dan juga tidak bertanggung jawab. Paling tidak ditunjuk jalan keluar dari kancah kemiskinan.

Di zaman moden ini, kemiskinan boleh diubah dengan usaha dan ilmu. Viscous cycle of poverty atau kitar ganas kemiskinan boleh diubah dengan usaha dan ilmu. Kini semua orang mendapat peluang untuk mengubah nasib mereka. Sedih aku lihat di sekitar, golongan yang miskin dan rosak masa depan bukan akibat ditindas tapi dianaiya oleh diri mereka sendiri. Banyak anak² orang miskin ini akan terus miskin kerana sikap mereka. Ponteng sekolah, gejala sosial majoritinya datang dari kelas sederhana dan banyak kelas bawah. Adakah suatu hari nanti golongan ini juga yang menagih kebajikan dari pemerintah? Adakah golongan ini juga yang akan mudah dirasuah? Mungkin.

Perlaksanaan negara berkebajikan perlulah berhati-hati. Janganlah dilakukan untuk membeli undi. Tapi lakukan atas niat membatu mereka yang betul² memerlukan dan bukan mereka yang miskin tapi sentiasa menambah zuriat dengan alasan rezeki tetapi tidak fikir faktor kezaliman terhadap masa depan anak.

Perlaksanaan kerajaan berkebajikan yang tidak berhati-hati bakal menghancurkan ekonomi dan memberi isyarat yang salah kepada rakyat.

Saturday, 13 October 2018

Troy: The Implicit View

I completed watching this movie after a very difficult mind acceptance adjustment. I personally just can't brain why Netflix changed the colour for Achilles, Zeus and others (inclusive some of the Greek Gods)? These characters are not black or negroid. They were white! The images depicted them are all white with Caucasian characteristic (nose, lips etc). By doing this (changing), it is a racist act indirectly. Netflix being racist to the black and the white. By doing this also, it shows that Netflix also has no respect the heritage and culture of the Greek people.  

Anyway, the drama is OK (beside the racist move by Netflix). It is not an action drama but a politic drama. Thus quite enjoyable but at time a bit draggy.

The Implicit View Of Trojan War

What really happened in Troy? The story that popular culture familiar may be a bit romanticize base on the people of ancient view things. The story obviously heavily saturated with myth and fantasy. I personally see it a bit differently.
  • Did Helen really love Paris? 
  • Why did Helen left her husband (Menelaus) and daughter for Paris? 
  • Why after the fall of Troy, Helen became the queen again for Menelaus? 
  • In fact, why Helen had no qualm in giving anecdotes about Troy incident? 
  • She lived with Menelaus harmoniously post war. 
  • Menelaus was a King that have pride and all the power in the world to get anybody he desired. Why should he accept a "dirty" Helen for his wife again except she was the master behind the scheme or he had a deal with Helen?
I think the real evil in this epic was Helen. I think she was like Matahari, a spy that purposely seduced the weak Paris into falling in love with her. The whole tragedy was a manufactured ploy to destroy Troy which was a rival to the Greek. Her acted was soo great that the week Trojan royalty been fooled by her acted. 

The story has many questioned motives. If we were study the plot by plot carefully, we can see that all the act concerning Helen from the depart to Troy, lives in Troy than later rejoin with her husband (Menelaus) were too smooth for her. She may had even master the act of persuasion and may have the ability to create drug that make Paris to become a fool to her. I also think the Trojan horse idea was also partly contributed by her after she studied the Trojan culture and saw how stupid and superstitious the Trojan were.

To cover her innocent and and still gave pride to Menelaus they blame the Gods. Obviously the ancient people are very superstitious and would easily been fooled. 

It is an interesting case study. The story is more than meet the eye. We need to see what are the implicit factors that motivate and serve elitist desire. We need to have the critical thinking ability to avoid being fool and manipulate by identifying the implicit factors in any situation such as "who will be the most benefactor."  

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

The Prince

This book is suppose to be one of the most influential tactical, management and political book been written. The words had influence leaders especially in the West. But unfortunately, it got the impression that it is a book for evil leaders. There are even article and studied or even popular view that leaders that embrace or practice the Prince will be an evil leader. Is this true?

In book (for instance) it was written;
"...In taking a state the conqueror must must arrange to commit am his cruelties at once, so as not to have to recur to them every day... benefit should be granted little by little, so that they may be better enjoy."
"... the Prince need to be loved and fear, but need to choose one over another, fear is better effective."
"... The Prince at any point of time need to have the ability to do things that are not popular."

Thus does this make The Prince is an evil book for leaders? I personally don't think so. The Prince is a book of practical guidance. It does not sugar coat. It appointed direct advice for actual possible condition. The guide may be obscure & cruel but it is most effective and fast result oriented. But those it not promote love and harmony? Yes it does. One can't simply took portion of the book and make claim or label the book. If one read it carefully with context, one will find that "A Prince is to promote harmony and stability above all". But in order to do that discipline, law and order need to be in place. However, Machiavelli did state (as per I can recall) that ".. all people are evil by nature...".

Anyway, the principle on the Prince from my point of view is also quite similar to The Art Of Wars. Only the The Prince is bold rather than indirect.

Note: The book was written by Niccolo Machiavelli. The writings and the philosophy of the Prince is been named as Machiavellian.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Influential Persons In The World

One of the main attribute for a leader is to have high influential persona. A person is not a leader if one is unable to influence others to do things. If one can only use force to make things happen, than one is not a capable leader.

The book in the picture entitle The 100. It is a collection of the most influential people in the world. The rate is from the most, down to the 100th. The book was written by Micheal H. Hart in 1978. Below are the list of top 5 most influential person:
1. Muhammad
2. Isaac Newton
3. Jesus
4. Guatama Buddha
5. St. Paul
Only 1 from this top 5 is a non religious person; Sir Isaac Newton. All others are religious leaders (except for Muhammad; a religious and political).
The list is a differentiate between most influential and greatest. This mean without the person, the world would never as it is today. The person existence need to have to greatest impact in the history of the world. Some people may be great and famous but the person may not be influential. His existent does not impact the social behavior, economic landscape and way of life. Even among the greatest most famous person such as Alexander is not even in the top 20.

This book a good read. The basic history of these people are well written and simplified for easy understanding. From this list of people also we are able to learn the person character and help to improve ourselves.

As for the list; Muhammad is consider #1 due to he is the only person on the world that is successful as a religious and secular leader. The other individual that is similar to him was Moses. But the after impact of Moses is smaller compare to Muhammad.