Friday, 10 May 2019

PRU 14 2018 - Ulang Siar

It has been 1 year since BN was toppled from the helm of power. 9th May 2018 was the day. The process and dramas were very exciting. Coming from Alor Setar, I choose to vote in Alor Setar. Other reason was that I don't have a permanent address in Selangor yet. When the news of falling BN state viral, it was a surreal experienced. Difficult for me explained. The internet were the markets, the new house. Official channel like Media Prima did not news the actual update. They recycled promising news about BN's candidates winning. But everybody knew that BN was falling. SPR did not announced and I was told the delay of announcement were due to numerous recount made to ensure BN's candidate win. There were also talked that BN was trying to buy candidates. But nothing can change fate. I stayed until 4 am for the announcement. Unfortunately no official announcement was made. Only DrM made declaration that BN had fallen. Malaysian changed their government. This is the new Malaysia.

The opposition tried to take over government since the start of democracy in Malaysia. During 20 years DrM tenure as the 4th PM, the majority that BN won was big. Even during the Reformasi era, BN still composed of big majority. Main reason for this was the Chinese and Indian mostly supported DrM. During Reformasi, the Malay vote were clearly divided and majority went for the opposition; Barisan Alternatif, headed by DSAI. Having said so, most Malay still loved DrM thus as mention BN won big majority during Reformasi. Should 50% Chinese did not support BN, most probably Malaysia had changed government during Reformasi period. Reason for the Chinese to support DrM was because he saved Malaysia's economy during the recession; attack by George Soros The Jew. The Chinese are less emotional people which their decision are mostly base on "what is it for me".  Thus, for Chinese the most important is the economy. Justice, especially for other do not concern them.. At least this what I see. While the Malay are much more emotional and tend to become empathy even for those that they do not understand. Most Malays sees the surface and felt pitiful and they are also easily believe in appearance, especially conman disguises with religious clothing. BN lost Terengganu and nearly lost Kedah (both state are Malay majority).

2004 & The Slow Death of BN
In 2004, BN won very big under the leadership of Pak Lah (Tun Abdullah). Why is this so? Biggest reason was due to the return of Malay vote. Truth be told, the Malay love UMNO. But UMNO had changed Warlords, little Napoleon crept into the system. For the 1st time ever, I really disappointed with the governance of BN. In Alor Setar in particular the governance of the state was at mess. Not sure what happen (but I have theories based from sembang²), but nothing works. There was no money to pay the worker and perform job. Trash were not collected. The facilities were not repaired. The gardens and landscape left unattended and worse Alor Setar became bandar sampah (if I'm not mistaken, it was in the new paper). It was the lowest point as per I can recall for Alor Setar. 
At Putrajaya, there were talked about budak tingkat 4 headed buy the charismatic KJ (Khairi Jamaluddin, Pak Lah in law). Pak Lah said to follow all KJ's plan which make many people unhappy. Those were the years where corruption crept into UMNO healthily.
Than in 2008 PRU, BN got the 1st major lesson of their life. BN lost Kedah, Selangor & Penang. Kedah MP was the late Ustaz Azizan. For me he was a good leader. Even though he was from PAS, he was not like typical PAS leader. Even UMNO people also like him.. Unfortunately he was told to be attacked from his own party. Alor Setar was clean again. Everything was beautiful again. I glad that PAS won that time.
Because of the heavy hit in 2008, DrM exited UMNO to give pressure for Pak Lah to step down. DrM also lobbied for DSN to become the PM (which as we all know now, according to him, was his biggest mistake, bigger than appointing Pak Lah as his successor).   
Due to pressure, Pak Lah resigned than DSN became the PM of our beloved Malaysia. Initially, I loved him. I took photos with him etc. DSN had the look, charisma and charm to be the PM of Malaysia. I was mistaken...

Corruption Was King
I loved DSN. His initiatives and program really seems good to me such as UTC, PR1MA, Klinik 1Malaysia. BR1M even though seems good but it did not solve the problem. It was just 'fighting fire' initiative. But I still respect the initiative to help the poor and need. At the same time I also questioned zakat etc. What happen to all the zakat money? Well, I was heavily influenced by DrMaza criticizing the religious bodies.
In time many things been revealed. Stupid investment were made that made amateur like me questioned.  Than there the case of NFC. Many losses of money were declared but later been silenced.  Base from my readings, there were many mention of people's money being used by the government people for personal uses. The VVVVIP and their wives and children living luxurious etc. PERMATA for example was a good initiatives but the fund that used for it's core objective were minor whilst most of the fund went for entertainment, holidays and others support kawan². I was informed the account also were not audited. 
Then the bomb came in. The 1MDB bomb. It was was my turning point. Before 1MDB, I still have faith in DSN, but 1MDB is the final straw. 1MDB is real. Than 1 by 1 big cases exploded such as Tabung Haji & FGV. Even the so call religious people are having fun using people money. Holiday in US, golf simulator etc. I had enough. Than DrM become ronin. He leaves UMNO after failed to pressure DSN to resign. Later DrM created BERSATU, make peace with DSAI and join forces with the then opposition parties.

PRU14 2018
I went back (carpool) with 2 of my siblings to vote. This time all our family member gathered home. It was like old time. Our original family. Our wives voted at their time. They took the children with them.
The family
In our family, there are 2 camps, BN & PH. We had healthy debate a day before PRU. Our voting station was very near to our house. Woke up early and everybody were exciting (as in photo). I did not have any hope that PH would won. I just cast my vote as a responsible Malaysian would do and just let fate rolled in. That were my though at that time.
The process was fast and easy. It was fun. My channel (young people) were many people but was fast. My dad had an issue with one the officer but I can't remember what was it. Well, my dad was not in an OK mode that day. So, it was OK. However, later in the afternoon, drama start to happen, not here, but else where...
Else where, even from my wife voting place, Segamat I heard that the voting process were not fluent. It was slow. Same goes to sister in law's in Serdang. The process were very slow. Talked that it were on purpose to help BN won. They tried to tired the voters from voting. Some waited for hours. Worse case was during the afternoon. People lined up for hours than turn done from voting due to voting hour finished. The people was furious. It was not hearsay, it was in the news, in the radio. Plead were made by the then opposition to extend the voting hours. But the very arrogant SPR rejected it. Even those that were in the compound were asked to leave.The people were furious but stayed calm. Nothing bad happen. Even in the radio (I listened to BFM), it was as all hope has lost. It seemed that BN will win.

The arrogance person he was..

Malaysian waited patiently and they can sense (include me) that something had happened. Something felt different. It was like Thanos had snapped his fingers. Hahahaa... The signs was obvious but seems impossible. The official channel kept on recycling the old news of BN candidate winning. Other result were not announce. But the internet were hectic. It was news madness. 1 by 1 BN governed state had fallen. I was in disbelieve when it was mentions that Negeri Sembilan had fallen to PH. But when news that Johor fell to PH, I knew Thanos really snapped his finger. Than the infamous Kam Raslan outrage to SPR. A disgrace for SPR.

Finally around 4am DrM make the declaration..

Return of The King

That was 1 year ago.. But how about now? Has things change? Anything improved?

1 Year PH 
During the 1st few weeks of the new government were the most exciting time for Malaysia. The waiting for new cabinet, the action towards DSN etc. It was fast at that time. The time when DrM was the front man, it was all OK and synchronize. Than after the ministers came in, things start to become weird. Minister talking weird things, and the internal competition inside PH. It seems that PH is very fragile.
Than the things that Malay afraid most start to take centre stage. I knew it were not entirely true, but some of it were true. Help by the racist and fascist campaign propaganda championed by UMNO & PAS, things become bad. The liberal become more vocals thus making the Malay Muslim become more doubt about PH especially DAP.
Than Abid's case happened. I personally think that it (the temple original riot) was a staged incident. Impossible for any sane Malay to march to a temple like that. It was a paid that uses religion and race as its main weapon. The incident itself were (I was made to understood) have nothing to do with Malay. It was between Indian Temple management (had 2 camp which said that 1 of the camp swindle the money) and the developer. The Malay was involve accidentally with the death of Adib. It was tragic which I will not elaborate. The part that played the race card had gain their objective, with a life of an innocent Bomba officer. Internet was at war. It was so bad that is seems like racial unrest would happen. Luckily Malaysian are peace lovers. It was the worse test for PH.
PH performance from my point of view is moderate. For years the people being pampered with many untruth comfort. Now PH wanted to make things right. DrM is not the DrM when he was the 4th PM. He was a pure Machiavelli, pure Sith lord that gave no nonsense. Now he is mellow. he also can't 100% control his team. Many were wild and some are also not that ..... But after a few PRK lost, I can see that PH minister and team start to reflect. 
It was proven that Malaysian only wanted peace and economic stability. Malaysian also wanted justice; referring to 1MDB and other corruption cases. Not many really looked onto the manifesto. Race and religion works but most important is peace, harmony, stability and good economy. Malaysia knew that the country have no money but the government need to assure Malaysian that things are going to be OK. Share your 3 years road map to remedy the economy. Promote unity activity. 
In summary I'm not really satisfied with the 1 year performance. I do not feel cheated, but feel that PH can do better if they focus and unite.

The main reason why PH won was the Malay swing. Thus Malay do care about integrity and transparency. But what matters now is the future. Economy, stability and peace is what make the religious zealot and fascist isolated or minimal support. There are another 3 years at least for PH to improve the country and their performance. I am always apolitical and usually made choice at the final minute. My final decision can change or may be different from what I say or write. I think many others also similar like me.