Friday, 24 January 2014

Ibu Tunggal, Syariah dan Hudud

Yesterday, while I was driving to office, I listened to Sinar FM. The guest for that morning was Dr Fazilah (a regular guest for Sinar lah..). The topic that they were into was "Kisah Ibu Tunggal dan Ayah Tunggal". Than there was this kakak, a mother of 2 children called. She said that she was a victim of her was husband.

She claimed to be the president for Persatuan Ibu Tunggal something² lah.. Can't remember.. Anyway, according to her, she was inhumanly abuse by her was husband. She recalled that, she was abuse physically and mentally. To the extend that, after "spending time" together, her husband gave money to her as if she was a prostitute and to most extreme ask her to strip her self front of his friends.

When I listened to her story, I just can't believe what I just heard. Pelik lah ex husband dia. Some kind kinky or what. Crazy some more I think.

Than, she came to tell that, even after 10 years (not sure) of 'cerai', after countless of times went up and down the Mahkamah Syariah, still her nafkah case is still unresolved. This even makes me angrier or more likely, sadder. Dah la dizalimi oleh ex husband, than need to be patience with the lazy makan gaji buta pegawai. Crazy some more those ustazs. Why after soo many years, still this case unclosed and she has not get a cent from her crazy ex husband? Apa, ini semua orang mahkamah syariah main daun terup kat kat ofis?

Basically, when we listen to this kind of story, it is not fair for us to take side already before listening to other party. Maybe, her ex husband went psycho due to certain reason that we don't know. Why should her husband treated her like a prostitute. Did her ex husband "discover" something in the net? Did her ex husband found out something that made him loose all respect in the world to her? What made him to be so disrespectful to her until to the extend treat her like a prostitute? We will never know.

But with all the reason in the world also, he can't malukan his ex wife like that. Especially ask her to strip in front of his friend. That is totally dayus. He can just divorce her coolly what...

Mahkamah Syariah "OFFicers"

I had read a lot of complaint about unsolved or unclosed cases regarding 'tuntutan nafkah'. Even our Dr Asri fiercely comment about this. If  a case takes 2 or 3 year, is still OK lah (but still unreasonable) , but if it takes more than 5 years, I think something need to be done lah.

Even tough I don't have any knowledge about this Mahkamah Syariah T&C and those processes, I believe every body will take it as unacceptable for these cases to be pending for such a long time. These ladies, are the victims. Then why should you delay? Maybe there are technical issues that cause the delay, but there should be a disclaimer that would over rule those technical requirements after certain period of time. Awat, tunggu rasuah dari ibu² tunggal nie ka? Jusst saying lah..

Those people that work in the Mahkamah Syariah should know better and have more sympathy and empathy toward those ladies. By right they are the religious experts and enforcers. They know religion better than us commoner as a whole.

Are you people menghukum dengan adil?

Every time when I look into this issues, it really makes me wonder. If our Mahkamah Syariah can't even handle this home domestic @ "rumah tangga" issues, than are we ready for bigger role for the Syariah Mahkamah? What I mean is, are we ready for Hudud?

I do support hudud. But, I am a kind of person that will not execute anything if I am not ready. For me it will create uncontrolled damages. From what I have been seeing, I see that we are not ready yet. Yes, we can implement, but it will be full of confusion and tend to be abuse. Deep down inside, I believe that our Syariah boys pun is not that "clean". If they are not clean even while handling domestic cases, than, what would happen if they are given more power? 

We are heading for abusive type of system? I hope I'm wrong about it. But bare in mind, it is not the system, but the people and people managing. Somebody is not doing their work properly and sincerely.


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